Eco-Active-31E(D) Active Tag


Model No Eco-Active-31E(D) Active Tag
Type 2.4G Card Type ( read only )
Inductive mode Initiative transmit, RF Power-6dBm transmit every second
Material ABS, heat resistant ,White color/Grey Color
Dimension 86*55*5.2mm
Battery 1 ~ 5 years
IP Grade IP54
Weight 28g


Product Features

Cost Effective Read Only Tag

Designed to work with 2.4Ghz reader with powerful anti-collision ability;

Effective reading range up to 50m (depend on reader and antenna, software configurable);

For use in Application like Identification, Asset Tracking;

Multi-Tag reading at the same time (more than 100pcs per second)

Eco-Active-31E(D) Active Tag