ECO-LF-DT-X10 Portable Handheld Scanner Reader


Standard, Frequency  ISO11784/ISO11785, 134.2kHz
Power    Powered by 2 AA size rechargable battery
Protocol   FDX-B, FDX-A Fecava Type Only, 64bit RO EM4100, TK4100
Memory Able to store up to 2,000 ID Tags
Interface Support USB communication, Bluetooth ( Optional )
Mode   Support Read Only
Dimension 280mm x 120mm x 30mm, 260g
Display  LCD Type (16chars * 2lines)
Read Distance Up to 18cm ( tag dependent ); typically a few cm

ECO LF HandheldBluetooth Reader is ahandheld reader scannerfor animal electronicidentification, it uses RFtransmitter/receiver withembedded microcontroller, combinedwith advanced decodingalgorithm to receive,verify, and read the dataof FDX-B (IS011784/85),FDX-A (FECAVA TypeOnly)and 64bitReadOnly (EM) Standards

  It is user friendly with 4simple button operation,come with LCD Display,ultra portability lightweight, and cost effective!

Eco-LF-DT-X10 Portable Handheld Scanner Reader