Permanent EID Readers

Electronic Identification (EID) provides you with accessible, accurate identification of your individual animals, giving you the ability to make better, more informed farm management decisions.

An EID reader is a critical part of your EID system. The reader captures the unique tag number of the individual animals as they are weighed, treated, or identified in a yard or race.

A permanent EID antenna panel is fixed in place for hands free reading of EID tags in a specific area. Gallagher EID readers are the best choice for animal identification at a fixed location such as a weighing crate or at a location in a race.

Ecosensa SmartReader BR and R Series range incorporate the latest electronics technology, are fully ISO compliant and are capable of reading both HDX and FDX-B tags. Choose between the fully featured SmartReader BR Series model with internal rechargeable battery and large tag memory, and the standard featured SmartReader R Series model.

Electronic identification EID datasheet               Installation Instructions

Smart Reader BR 1300

Permanent EID panel reader, with internal rechargable battery and 1300mm x 600mm panel.

Smart Reader BR 600

Permanent EID panel reader, with internal rechargeable battery and 600 mm x 400 mm panel.

Smart Reader R 1300

Reader choice for Dairy Scale and low cost reader option with 1300 mm x 600 mm panel. No internal battery.

Smart Reader R 600

Low cost reader option with 600 mm x 400 mm panel. No internal battery.

Smart Reader 1300 mm Panel

Suitable for dairy and any other walk past identification applications.

Smart Reader 600 mm Panel

Suitable for sheep and cattle in crate.

Smart Reader BR Series Electronic Controller

Battery powered electronic controller for livestock identification.

Smart Reader R Series Electronic Controller

Electronic controller for livestock identification.