ECO-E100 Label Deactivtor/Reactivator


  • Using infrared ray interval working mode, it is of low heat evolution and temperature
    rise. Its service life is above twice that of ordinary deactivator/reactivator.
  • Its deactivating height is above 6cm, the highest in the trade, thus it improves the
    working efficiency.
  • It can be fixed in the platform type (the deactivating working surface is at the same
    height of the desk), which makes work convenient.


EM-serie Catalogue datasheet


Magnetizing power:              ≤60W

Working mode:                      non-stop

Functional height:                 4cm≤

Size:                                      272 x 225 x 108mm

Demagnetizing power:          ≤30W

MTTF:                                    ≥50000h

Working surface height:        ≤10 cm