EM Label for Books

Tail Tags:

  • – tails on both sides for easy paste to the book spine
  • – deactivatable
  • – double-side glued/single-side glued selection
  • – reasonable price since they are reusable

Homemade tags:

  • label length: 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 16cm
  • deactivatable/non-deactivable selection
  • economical if you don’t persue detection rate so much

EM Labels Catalogue datasheet

A Comparison between ECO-E111 Strip and ECO-E112 Homemade Strip

1. The Base strip

Homemade Strip ECO-E111 strip Remarks
Thickness 0.04±0.01 0.025±0.005 ECO-E111 strip is a high density and ultra thin type
Width 1.5±0.8 1.5±0.2
Length (0.04±0.01)×(2±0.8)×L 0.025±0.005)×(1.5 (0.2)×L L=165 (measured value by Tester JX-3)
  • There is a manufacture craft difference between Homemade Strip and ECO-E111 strip. ECO-E111 strip is
    markedly superior to Homemade Strip in aspect of quality and concealment.

2. The silicon-steel plate

Homemade Strip ECO-E111 strip Remarks
Material homemade silicon-steel plate import silicon-steel plate
Thickness 0.22±0.05 0.048±0.003 4.5 times thinner than Homemade strip
Width 1.5±0.5 1.5±0.5
  • On a base strip of same length, there are 3 or 4 pieces of silicon-steel plates for a Homemade Strip,
    while 12 pieces of uniform distribution silicon-steel plates for an ECO-E111 strip. This makes the deactivation and reactivation thoroughly.

3. Double sticky tape

Homemade Strip ECO-E111 strip Remarks
Material homemade cotton paper
double sticky tape
PET double sticky tape
Retentivity 0.4 0.2 Standard value <0.5
Load 6.00 4.0 Standard value < 6.00
Adhesive Force 1900 2600 Standard value 1300g/in
  • Homemade cotton paper double sticky tape has relatively poor flexibility; ECO-E111 strip adopts PET double sticky tape,which has good transparency, strong flexibility, and is an environment-friendly product approved by international authoritative institution.