All-in-one Workstation

All-in-one is a magnetic activator, deactivator, checker all-in-one device. This new technology integrates the old-style activator/deactivator with magnetic strip checker. Innovative high-precision identification software is adopted to realize the automatically accomplishment of the library work.

Designed for improving the work efficiency of librarians, it provides them a great convenience to serve the library’s circulation of books or DVDs.


  • Comprehensive function
  • All-in-one function includes tattle tape deactivation, reactivation and label-checking.It performs check-in and check-out in one step.Verifier light confirms presence of tattle tape security strip.It is able to check all conditions including: if there is a EM strip in a book if the strip has been deactivated; if it,s a non-deactivable strip; if the strip has magnetism.
  • Good compatibility Be compatible with all type EM strips on the market, including those produced by 3M, Checkpoint Meto, Tagit Company, from different countries such as China, Germany, Czech, Israel, and Russia.
  • Excellent performance Activating/deactivating height reaches 10cm. Allow activation/deactivation for multiple books through only one operation.


EM-serie Catalogue datasheet


Dimension:Controller:             360 x 170 x 180 mm

Working board:                     369 x 278 x 243 mm

Compatibility:                        3M, Checkpoint Meto, Tagit strips