ECO LF Cattle Ear Tag


Type Contactless Read Only
Operating Frequency 134.2KHZ
Material Encapsulation with high quality polyurethane plastic material
Reading distance Up to 100 cm, depends in the reader & environment
Common Usage Animal tagging such as cows,breeder herds
Standard Deployment Attached to ear with tool
Multi-Detection No
Size Male button,DIA30mm x 2mm female button,DIA30mm x 5 mm
Color Orange, yellow, pink
Weight 5 g
Chip EM4105, EM4305
Requlator Specification ISO11784/11785
Storage temperature -55°C to +100°C
Operating temperature -40°C to 85 °C
Operating Specification Waterproof,shock,vibration
  • The products can adapt to the environment temperature from -30℃ to +50℃.
  • They will not brake or snap due to the change of temperature or pressure from applicator.
  • The Surface is smooth without burrs and the edge is trim.

ECO LF Cattle Ear Tag PDF