Rotatable Desk Kiosk


Durable, scratch and fingerprint-resistant

private access to power, volume and the home screen without disassembly

Stable, non-tip steel body and base can be bolted to the countertop

Tamper-proof security

Locking back panel allows easy access to cords and accessories stored within the body of the enclosure

Additional security port at the base

Secondary cable exit for hidden AC power supply and cordless appearance

 Rotatable Desk Kiosk




Frame : 210(L) x 280(W) x 15(H) mm

Base   : 360(W) x 360(L) mm

Height  : 1200(H) mm

Viewable Area  : 10.1 inch

Compatible Tablet Size  : 176.10(L) x 243.10(W) x 7.95(H) mm

Material  : Durable Steel and Aluminum Parts

Weight  : 5~6 kg

Color  : Black (Other color available upon request)