Sense Cruise


VehicleTrail system offers a complete and powerful way of collecting and managing your data.

With GPS and GPRS module SenseCruise unit is able to collect and trace accurate location information,

including longitude, latitude and patrol time, without installing any button or signal card on the


Then, all patrol data will be back to control center immediately and directly in real time by GPRS /

GSM data transmission. It can be used to track commercial Vehicle and plan the route easily.


  Sense Cruise Datasheet



Physical: Metal Body
Working voltage: 8-30V
Dimensions: 120mm x 100mm x 36mm
Weight: 350g
Operating Temperature: -20 – +65 ℃
Humidity: 25% ~ 85% (normal pressure)
Storage Capacity: 16000 pieces records
Tracking: GPS
Communication: Through GSM/GPRS and USB cable
GPS Positioning Accuracy: ≤ 10m
Position Time: Cold Start ≤ 120s, Normal ≤ 15s
Storage Time Interval: Easily Configurable
GPS Locking Time: Interrupt recovery time ≤2s, automatic search ≤150s