Sense Guard Mini


  • ABS Plastic Case, Light Weight and Smaller Size
  • Non-contacting Reading
  • Completely Water Proof
  • USB Cable Communications
  • High Download Speed
  • Super Storage Capacity
  • Easy Maintenance


  Sense Guard Mini Datasheet



Physical: ABS plastic case
Dimensions: 65mmx50mmx15mm
RFID Working: 125KHz
Operating: -45°C to +85°C
Humidity: 10% to 98% non-condensing
Memory: 4Mb Flash ROM
Storage Capacity: 60000 pieces records
Battery: 3.7 V rechargeable battery
Signal Card Detection: Auto induction card-reading
Card Reading Distance: 3cm to 5cm
Communication: USB cable, 57600BPS, 4000records per minute