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Animal Weighing System | RFID Malaysia - EcoSensa Technologies Sdn Bhd

Animal Weighing System

Animal Weighing System

A livestock weighing system comprises a set of two weight sensing loadbars and a weigh scale. Ecosensa offers you an innovative weighing system that is not only tough, reliable and accurate but also very simple to use. The most advanced animal weighing and data collection system, with a colour touch screen and powerful animal management software. Electronic identification compatible weighing and data collectors enable individual animal weight management, helping you to maximise the performance of the animals on your farm.

Performance Systems include a full range of leading edge, robust and simple to use animal weighing, data collection and electronic identification (EID) systems. Animal weighing system offers you a complete animal performance system to help you monitor and maximize performance of your animals, and extract more profits from your farm.
Electronic Identification (EID) is the technology by which individual animals are identified and traced by a unique identifying number stored on an electronic ear that or bolus. In addition to providing a means for compliance with traceability legislation active in many countries, EID provides major advantages that can be captured at an individual farm operation level.
Today, leading dairy farmers recognise the benefits of monitoring and managing cow condition to maximise production levels and achieve successful herd reproduction. The Gallagher DairyScale is the world’s first stand alone, automatic walk over weighing system, customised to meet the needs of the most demanding dairy farmers. Regular weighing of your dairy cows will assist with:

* Measured feed conversion to maximize yield by monitoring weight gain over time
* Monitor animal health
* Confirm animal weight prior to mating
* Determine weaning weights
* Accurately track the numbers of animal on hand
* Select animal by weight for sale and slaughter
* Evaluate breeding performance for genetic selection
* Maximise the benefits of having animals fitted with electronic ear tags

weighing system
weighing system