Contactless Tickets Specification

Confidex offers two solutions to be used in the contactless accessibility: a limited use paper ticket for short term use and thin flexible PET card for extended use. By using the latest technologies, Confidex ensures the most effective and modern mass production of contactless tickets in expanding markets.

Ticket size and structure
The ticket size and structures are based on ISO standards. PET cards are delivered in die cut format and paper tickets in fan-fold, roll, die cut (singulated ticket) format. PET card thickness is about 370um and paper ticket thickness varies from 270um to 460um depending on the application the ticket is used with. Standard tickets are inkjet and ribbon printer printable and thermal printed paper is offered as an option depending on customer requirements. The ticket inlay structure supports all standard available ticket ICs from biggest IC manufacturers, like NXP, ST Microelectronics¸ etc.

Ticket personalization
For the customer specific personalization Confidex offers offset type 4 colors artwork printing, post-printing for IC UID number, and/or customer specific incremental serial number, etc.  Electrical encoding for the IC is also offered as a standard option. The electrical format log file from the delivered tickets can be provided e.g. in CD ROM format, which enables full traceability service through the IC serial number. Full box numbering scheme and traceability is also supported by the manufacturing operations.

Ticket lifespan
An aluminum antenna in the ticket inlays substantially improves reliability; therefore tickets can also be used as limited multi-entry ticket in normal operation conditions. The selected paper and printing materials enables good resistance against normal wear and tear. Storage time, for specified conditions, is three years.