Records Management: Features

FileTrail provides a wide number of intuitive features to automate common records-related workflows and transactions.


Feature Functionality
Search & Request alt  Search any field, including Classification fields.
alt  Search with wildcards, boolean logic, ranges, and across all fields.
alt  Batch Search with list of values pasted from Excel, Word, email, or text file.
alt  Add records to a cart from one more searches for placing a single request.
alt  Request one or more records for any services defined for the file room or records center: pull and hold, deliver, copy, scan-on-demand, etc.
Request Fulfillment alt  Pull requested files and boxes efficiently in a single pass through a file room or records center.
alt  Fulfill requests quickly with Delivery Lists, Tasks Lists, and other tools.
alt  Calendared requests appear just prior to the date needed.
alt  Requests only appear in the file room that owns the item, accommodating multi-fileroom and multi-city implementations.
Classification Management alt  Pre-defined file plans automatically matched with records as they are created.
alt  Archiving and retention dates are automatically updated per changes to classification or conditional value.
alt  Define unlimited levels of Classification and generate HTML-based File Plan.
Retention Schedule & Disposal alt  Track records in active, semi-active, archive and disposal stages.
alt  Monitor who/when/why decisions for retention and disposal.
alt  Manage citations and citation references.
alt  Automatically apply retention based on jurisdictions.
alt  Automatically trigger on future conditions.
Smart Bar Coding alt  Rapidly capture record information and monitor circulation.
alt  Perform real-time and batch transactions with barcodes.
alt  Utilize existing barcodes from legacy systems and archival storage vendors.
alt  Configure new barcodes to use serializations with prefixes or suffixes.
Tracking & Chain of Custody alt  Location tracking transactions like check-in, check-out, transfer, and more.
alt  Chain of custody shows complete history of movements.
alt  Parent/Child tracking, such as folders into boxes.
alt  Definition and assignment to barcoded shelf locations.
alt  Collective management and individual tracking of multi-volume sets.
Label Printing alt  Integrated label designer for barcode and color coded labels accommodates any labelstock.
alt  Print barcode labels to cut-sheet or Zebra roll-fed printers.
alt  Print color coded labels to any cut-sheet labelstock you are already using.
alt  Print sets of labels when multiple labels are used per file.
Reporting & Audit alt  Run standard or custom reports.
alt  View reports within FileTrail or export to Microsoft Office for additional graphs and charts.
alt  Audit circulation chain of custody and changes to record location.
alt  Audit changes to retention schedule, classification, and changes to metadata, including stated reason for change.
Security alt  Configure authentication for standard challenge or Single-SignOn using Windows or LDAP.
alt  Control access to menu functions by user and group.
alt  Control rights to view, edit, or destroy records by department, category, and location.
alt  Set security on individual records or fields.
Legal Holds alt  Allow designated users to create and apply legal holds.
alt  Permit multiple holds on a single record and apply inheritance rules.
(Some features don’t apply to single-user Express systems.)