TrekView DMS


TrekView Data Management System (DMS) is a web-hosted application that assists you in monitoring your cold chain and brings true intelligence to your supply chain. It’s easy to use, with no software to install and little or no IT involvement required. TrekView Data Management System provides tools that assist in the analysis of raw data and offers you immediate, global access to data and reports.

Configure the TrekView temperature recorder settings in the easy-to-use TrekView Interface Application and it is ready for use. When your shipment has reached the end of its journey, it can be scanned in a matter of seconds and uploaded into the TrekView Data Management System. Detailed reports can be generated, but access to the information can be limited, ensuring that the information is seen by only those who need it.


  • Temperature data stored in a central location
  • Fully validated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Analyze shipments by carrier, vendor, and/or warehouse
  • Customize and document key parameters associated with shipments
  • Employ remote configuration methods to control recorder setup
  • Generate reports automatically and send the reports to key stakeholders