TrekView with Ribbon Probe

Maintain the integrity of validated packaging

You went to the effort of using validated packaging so why compromise packaging effectiveness by opening the container to make temperature measurements. TrekView offers an optional ribbon cable for monitoring product temperatures inside validated packaging or any packaging. The packaging remains intact throughout the journey but valuable temperature data can be verified at any point in the cold chain.

Key Specifications

Cable Length
Approximately 24in / 60.96cm

Monitor Recording Options

Temperature Measurement Range
-30°C to 75°C / -22°F to 167°F

Temperature Accuracy
-30°C to 75°C: ± 1°C / -22°F to 167°F: ± 2°F

Threshold Settings
Eight configurable excursion thresholds

Memory Capacity
4000 logged data points / 16 million histogram data points

Downloadable Data
Available during transport / storage without stopping the recorder

Data Retrieval
External or Internal USB plus Wireless

Wireless Technology
Semi-passive RFID


Battery Life
Three-year run life

Factory calibrated; Three point NIST certification