USB/RS485 Temperature And Humidity Data Logger With External Sensor

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Description :

Model No. Description :

ECO-USB01X: powered by DC 5V adaptor, with 2400mAh Li-Ion backup battery pack

ECO-USB01ACXpowered by AC 110V-240V input

ECO-USB01DCXpowered by DC 12V input


Simply Data (PC Software)

l Data can be saved, printed, or viewed in real-time

l Automatic communication port set up or user-defined configuration

l High & low limit settings for both temperature & relative humidity

l Simply Data compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP


ECO-THD Software Solution



Photo Model no Function
01 Transformer Micro USB DC 5V
02 battrey
03 Mini USB link
04 Quickview Software/USB Drivers


ECO-01x Datasheet

Features & Specification:
Features :
  • Transfering temperature and relative humidity data via USB & RS485
  • External sensor. (Cable length 3 meters)
  • Supports PC software Simply Data for real-time & one-time data export
  • Two recording modes: Looping( overwrite), One-time
  • Beeping Alarm, flashing Alarm LED, and LCD alert icon for Out-of-limits conditions



Measurement item : Temperature and relative humidity
Measurement range: -20~80°C; 0~95%RH (LCD readable to 70°C; battery endurable to 60°C)
Measurement accuracy: AVG. +/- 0.5°C at 25°C; +/-4%RH
Measurement display resolution: 0.1°C; 1%RH
Recording capacity: 10,000 readings
Logger recording interval : 1 ~ 1000 minutes at intervals of 1 minute
Recording mode: Looping (overwrite ); One-time (stop recording when capacity is full)
LCD Display LCD items current readings/ setting navigation/ battery life indicator/ out-of-limit warning/ unit of measurement/ recording mode/ current time/ communication status
Battery Life Approximately 3 months (Based on 25°C, 45%RH, sampling 2 readings per minute, without data transfer)
Communication mode : USB
Transmission Distance: up to 3 meters
Connection logger number:  One COM port on PC can connect only one logger
Dimensions : 130mm X 75mm X 33mm
Weight : Approx. 198g/ 6.98oz
Alarm relay output : 1A/ 30VDC; 0.5A/ 125VAC
OS Support: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP