ZigBee Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Feature, Accessory & Specification:


  • Powered by DC 5V Micro  USB+Adaptor
  • Compliant with Zigbee 2007/pro specification,Mesh network topology
  • Support ISM 2.4GHz operating frequency
  • Support Quickview Data software for real time monitoring, data export saving and editing
  • RF power transmission range up to 50 meters in free space
  • Supports PLC with RS485 Zigbee Dongle




Photo Model no Function
01 Transformer Micro USB DC 5V
02 battrey
03 Mini USB link
04 Quickview Software/USB Drivers



Measurement item : Temperature and relative humidity
Measurement channel: Built-in 1 temperature and humidity sensor
Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.5°C at 25°C; +/-4.5%RH(20%RH-80%RH)
Zigbee transmitting format IEEE 802.15.4 compatible
Transmitting protocol: Modbus RTU
COM port data rate : 9600, 8, N, 1
Network Topology: Mesh
RF power Transmission : 1mw, 0dBm, 50 Meters (free Space)(with Nietzsche ZigBee module range depend on actual environment
Support OS: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP
Supply voltage input : DC5V adaptor, support DC 12-24V(optional)
receiver sensitivity : -92 dBm
Dimensions : L85mm x W47mm x H10mm
Addressing Option: Dip/SW or IEEE 64 bit
Power Consumption: 150 mw
Accessories included: User manual, QuickView data V.1.0 software