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Leading provider of UHF RFID Solutions

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RFID Malaysia

RFID Healthcare System

Real Time Locating System in Healthcare Using RFID Technology

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Temperature and Humidity Control

Ecosensa Provides the Solution
Control the Temperature and Humidity at Anywhere Anytime

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RFID IoT Malaysia - Ecosensa Technologies - Leading Provider of RFID Solutions

RFID IoT Malaysia

RFID Technology

Our experience and expertise make this possible to keep our promises to our customers excellently within the time frame.

RFID Malaysia

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We continue striving to provide the best services to our customers attach great importance to the joint venture as well as a closer towards Green Technology.

RFID Malaysia – Ecosensa Technologies


ECOSENSA is a registered member of EPCglobal. We are very active in EPCglobal Malaysia for technical contribution and awareness program in promoting RFID adoption in the region. We specialized in some of the newest technology like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Ubiquitous Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Real Time Location System (RLTS), Location Base System (LBS) and many more.

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