ECO-E2900A Super Wide EM System

ECO-2900A is made of imported burning-/corrosion-/abrasion-resistant wooden. With high and wide antenna coil, ECO-2900A suits some big venues such as public libraries. Compare to 3M/Meto/Certus, ECO-2900A is absolutely the best choice for price, precision, conformity, and quality.

ECO-E2900A Technical Parameters
Signal process mode: dynamic multi-phase detection (DMPD); DSP
Protection width (1-lane) 1 – 1.3m
Antenna dimension 1800*75*55m0
Alarm indication: sound and light alarm
Humidity range ≤95% RH (no coagulation)
Matching labels compatible with all kinds of EM labels
Service life above 15 years

E2900A Super Wide EM System datasheet