RFID Express

RFID Express

RFID Express is a single-user system providing economical RFID technology to automate tracking and streamline auditing.

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RFID Express Package

FileTrail created the RFID express package to include everything you need to have a complete system up and running, including:

FileTrail Express software

  • RFID SmartMobile with Auditing, Detector and Geiger Counter features
  • 1,000 RFID SmartTags
  • Configuration of two custom screens (i.e. boxes and folders)
  • Configuration of up to two black & white labels
  • Installation on your servers
  • End-user and Administrative training
  • On-line helpdesk and knowledge base
  • Al the configuration tools used to customize your system
  • 1st-year unlimited support

Your FileTrail Express system is expandable with many options, including:

  • RFID SmartPads for check-in and check-out
  • RFID SmartTags for Assets and metallic objects
  • Color coded label printing
  • More custom screens to track more types of items
  • Multi-user access

RFID Express contain a full set of features to streamline processes, apply policies, and enforce compliance:

  • Search
  • Classification Management
  • Smart Bar Coding
  • Tracking & Chain of Custody
  • Label Printing
  • Reporting & Audit
  • Security

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RFID Express automates a variety of operational environments:

  • Automating file room tasks and file room management
  • Automating records center tasks and space management
  • Integrating with commercial records centers
  • Automating records in department operations

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RFID Express adapts to make a perfect fit to each organization and each record type or classification:

  • Unlimited, user-definable classification system
  • Unlimited, user-defined fields
  • Configurable search forms and results
  • Configurable request forms for delivery, will call, pick-up, and tasks
  • Design labels with barcode, text and color coding
  • Enterprise-class configurable security leveraging users and groups

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