Records Management: Configurability

FileTrail provides intuitive configuration tools giving you the power to change your system as business needs change.


Feature Functionality
Classification alt  Adapts to reflect your organization, records categories, and media you want to track.
alt  Intelligent linking allows automatic application of retention without requiring user knowledge.
alt  Configuration of office locations provide jurisdictional linkage to your retention schedule.
Meta Data alt  Unlimited number of user-defined fields, re-useable on multiple screens.
alt  Unlimited number of user-defined screens, applicable to multiple classifications.
alt  Variety of configurable properties, including Required?, default, validation, user-defined help, and more.
alt  Validation and synchronization with external data sources ensure high data standards.
Searching alt  Configure and save search and results definitions
alt  Set defaults and filters for the search definition
alt  Assign search definitions to Users and User Groups
alt  Save favorite searches for quick access and on-demand reporting
Requesting alt  Configure custom request screens to collect data needed to provide those services
alt  Configure requests for deliver, pull and hold, pickup, and tasks like scanning, faxing, copying and more
alt  Control requesting by selecting the services each file room and records center provides
alt  Configure service levels and related costs for file rooms, records centers and commercial vendors
Labeling alt  Design black & white and color coded labels
alt  Configure which labels to print for which types of items
alt  Print 3rd-party labeling like TabQuik, ColorBar, Colorflex and NetLabels
Security alt  Control access to functionality by Users and User Groups
alt  Restrict data permissions on Organization, Category and Media by Users and User Groups
alt  Support single-sign-on initiatives using Windows, AD, or form-based authentication