Weighing and Data Collection

Ecosensa weighing and data collectors provide today’s performance conscious producer with an innovative weighing system that is not only tough and reliable, but also very simple to use.

Ecosensa SmartScale weighing and data collectors range from a basic 200 model for entry level automatic weighing, up to the 800 model for advanced EID compatible weighing and data collection.

Ecosensa SmartTSi is the most advanced animal weighing and data collection system, with a colour touch screen and powerful animal management software.

Weighing EID datasheet                           Sheep Auto Drafter datasheet                  Installation Instructions

Intergrated weigh scale, computer and animal management system. 

Entry level automatic weigh scale.

Entry level EID compatible scale. Stores 8,000 weighing records in memory.

Advanced EID compatible weigh data collectors. Stores 60,000 weighing records in memory.